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It is my honor and privilege to recommend Teri Wilkins to any organization of educators. We invited Ms. Wilkins to Archbishop Curley High School as a motivational speaker. We asked her to "stoke the fires" of technology in our faculty, and this she did. Prepared with the tools of technology herself, she gave our faculty the incentive needed to further advance our use of technology in the classroom.

–Joseph E. Jancuk



I have been counting my blessing lately. While working as a high school teacher, I dealt with students who had to struggle with financial issues, but now that I am also doing community-centered work, I really see the impact of poverty.

I have read Ruby Payne’s books and found them helpful. The backlash against her interests me. In short, the criticism stems from her taking a “deficit” approach. That strikes me as odd. People in poverty will have certain deficits.

PsychCentral recently had a blog which addressed the impact of poverty on brain development. Currently I’m reading Eric Jensen’s Teaching with Poverty in Mind and Regenia Rawlinson’s A Mind Shaped by Poverty. A question: How do we keep expectations high and not succumb to patronizing students?

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