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Very good, very well prepared. I appreciated how she demonstrated each skill/tool she was trying to communicate. There was a wealth of information there.... I was inspired by it and created a quiz with a PowerPoint accompaniment, just to try out visual and textual.

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I have been counting my blessing lately. While working as a high school teacher, I dealt with students who had to struggle with financial issues, but now that I am also doing community-centered work, I really see the impact of poverty.

I have read Ruby Payne’s books and found them helpful. The backlash against her interests me. In short, the criticism stems from her taking a “deficit” approach. That strikes me as odd. People in poverty will have certain deficits.

PsychCentral recently had a blog which addressed the impact of poverty on brain development. Currently I’m reading Eric Jensen’s Teaching with Poverty in Mind and Regenia Rawlinson’s A Mind Shaped by Poverty. A question: How do we keep expectations high and not succumb to patronizing students?

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