Teri Wilkins

Life-long learner. Educator. Thinker.


Teri's presentation was informative. I was able to learn new things. I am glad she mentioned the use of Skype. I already have a few ideas that will employ Skype.

–ACHS Faculty Member



Carole Redline

Director of Academic Technology

Archdiocese of Baltimore

When I first met Teresa Wilkins 10 years ago, she was the assistant principal and technology coordinator at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School. As Director of Educational Technology at Goucher College, I was so impressed with the opportunities she presented to her faculty and the understanding she had of teachers’ needs that I immediately asked her to join my program at the college. Throughout the years, Teri has never ceased to impress and amaze me with her knowledge, dedication, and ethics. Teri truly epitomizes the lifelong learner who inspires others through example. As an instructor, both in my program at Goucher and at the Archdiocese of Baltimore, her course evaluations prove that her students also recognize and greatly value Teri’s efforts to bring them the best educational experience possible. Teri is a great resource to the teachers she touches. My learning has been enriched by our teamwork and collegiality. What a fantastic resource she has been to me personally and the programs I direct.

Joseph E. Jancuk

Technology Director, Religious Studies Teacher

Archbishop Curley High School

It is my honor and privilege to recommend Teri Wilkins to any organization of educators. We invited Ms. Wilkins to Archbishop Curley High School as a motivational speaker. We asked her to “stoke the fires” of technology in our faculty, and this she did. Prepared with the tools of technology herself, she gave our faculty the incentive needed to further advance our use of technology in the classroom.

She addressed all, novice, intermediate and advanced user, encouraging each of us to continue to find new and exciting ways to use technology in the classroom. At the same time, she reminded us that we still need to have our feet firmly planted in the traditional forms of teaching just in case the technology does not quite work as we had planned. Our faculty commented most positively on Teri’s presentation and interaction with us.

Mary Jean Erb

Associate Campus Minister for Community Service

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School:

I am very pleased to commend Teresa Wilkins, as both a professional educator and an outstandingly good person.

I have worked with Teri as a fellow high school teacher, and she has also been my instructor in a graduate level technology course.  She is extremely knowledgeable, and she communicates her knowledge very well.  Articulate, innovative, and dedicated, she has high expectations of her students, and she supports them in achieving those expectations.  Her students – both adults and teens – love her!

As much as any teacher I know, Teri wants to grow in her own knowledge in order to be a better professional and a better person.  She is curious, and she goes the extra mile to satisfy her curiosity.  I believe that she is motivated by her love for her students and her love of learning.  Accordingly, she is upbeat, energetic, patient, and kind.   She brings so much to any educational endeavor or professional situation!

Stephanie Giese

Owner, Tiny Toes Toy Library, LLC

Teresa Wilkins has provided me with valuable information about brain-based learning and differentiation techniques that are applicable to all students, regardless of their ages.  Her services have been a wonderful asset to my child-centered business.

Karen Ludwig Baxter

Teacher, Freelance Writer, and Editor:

As a student, I always looked forward to Teri’s classes. She is knowledgeable, personable, and makes learning fun! She knows how to challenge students and capitalize on their individual strengths.

Kenneth Crabbe

Pastoral Associate
Our Lady Queen of Peace:

Teresa was my department chairperson at Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School. She consistently distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management in the classroom. Teri is a dynamic teacher. I have enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills, and I am very pleased to have worked under her supervision.

Barb Petr

Chair, Department of English
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School:

As an instructor, Teri is knowledgeable, approachable, and affirming. She combines a gentle style with high expectations. Her online courses are well-designed, and she models the “best practices” discussed in the classes.

Bernadette Moyer

Director of Development
Msgr. O’Dwyer Retreat House:

Teri is just amazing. She is positive and always looks for the good in every person and situation. As a board member for the Msgr. O’Dwyer Retreat House, she has 100% participation in all areas. Teri takes a holistic approach to her work. She has a clinical style with just the perfect amount of compassion. You won’t find someone with a better work ethic and attitude.

Tiffani Krause

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School:

Teresa Wilkins is not only a friend and colleague but was also my teacher. Teri didn’t just stand in front of the classroom and read from a book. She taught from life experiences. She would share stories with her classes that would help us understand the material more clearly. She was a great asset to my high school and has been a great asset to me.