Teri Wilkins

Life-long learner. Educator. Thinker.


Throughout the years, Teri has never ceased to impress and amaze me with her knowledge, dedication, and ethics. Teri truly epitomizes the lifelong learner who inspires others through example. As an instructor, both in my program at Goucher and at the Archdiocese of Baltimore, her course evaluations prove that her students also recognize and greatly value Teri's efforts to bring them the best educational experience possible.

–Carole Redline


The Final Semester

I am finding it surprisingly bittersweet to be in my last semester as a student at Loyola. By the time May arrives, I will have completed all of my academic coursework. While I will be very happy without homework assignments, I will miss the stimulating discussions and the warm atmosphere of the classrooms. Of course, I will be immersed in the work needed to write and defend the dissertation. If all goes well, perhaps I can claim the title of “Doctor Wilkins” by the end of this calendar year.

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Speak Up and be Heard

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