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Teri is just amazing. She is positive and always looks for the good in every person and situation. As a board member for the Msgr. O'Dwyer Retreat House, she has 100% participation in all areas. Teri takes a holistic approach to her work. She has a clinical style with just the perfect amount of compassion. You won't find someone with a better work ethic and attitude.

–Bernadette Moyer


The Lima Bean

Inspired by the wonderful writing of my friend Rita (check out her blog here), I have decided to share my family’s lima bean story. Here it is:

When I was in middle school, my grandmother watched my younger brother and me until our mother could pick us up after work. One evening, we were eating crab soup (delicious, as was everything my grandmother made), and my mischievous brother began picking vegetables out of his soup and periodically hurling them at me.

I was not pleased. I was a bit prissy, and Dave was messing up my school uniform. Plus, that was just obnoxious. No matter what I said to him, he wouldn’t stop, and my grandmother wasn’t in the kitchen to stop him. I came up with an ingenious (to my 7th grade mind) plan: I caught a lima bean and wrapped it in a paper towel.

“When Mommy gets here, you are going to be in so much trouble. See, now I have evidence.” I shook the paper towel in his general direction, and he settled down.

When my poor mother came in the door, I ran up to her and began a litany of complaints, ending with a presentation of the soggy lima bean. My mother sighed, and said, “So what?”

Boy, was I deflated. I carried the lima bean defeat with me for a long, long time. Whenever I didn’t feel heard, I would mutter, “It’s just like the lima bean.” My family thinks it’s hysterical. Does your family have a similar story?

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Speak Up and be Heard

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